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Review: Windows 10 Computer Stick bu Intel

In 2015 Intel introduced the Computer Stick and for some reason called it the “compute stick” – the product has been available ever since. The idea is simple and elegant and they wanted to create an HDMI dongle computer which can run Windows 10.

Our suspicion is that Intel wanted a ultra-cheap and portable solution to run Windows for embedded applications like set-top boxes (DVRs) and other IoT (Internet of Things) products. They wanted the device to run directly from a TV so portable displays could be used in a variety of situations. We would even guess, this “compute stick” was a maturity of some hack Microsoft did for a trade show where by they needed a portable way to run presentations. If our assumption is correct, it’s a wonderful product and is a great solution for its intended purpose.

PCWorld did a technical review of the compute stick back in 2016, and the link can be found at the bottom of this article. The PC World review outlined the specifications and performance levels of the Intel based product, and they are not bad at all given the small size of the stick. We will let that article do the heavy lifting for the tech people out there, but today we want to talk about the applications one might have for a computer stick.

For only $120 (ish) off Amazon, this is an excellent solution to run Windows 10 for a host of specific applications.

computer stick

Some key bullet points to get an idea of the hardware we are dealing with:

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